Brief History of the company

Vitavisco Nigeria Limited is a manufacturing company using polyurethane to provide unique lifestyle products and services which offers comfort in homes, offices and industries. The company which is a subsidiary of Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, is a pioneer in its line of business.

It was incorporated on the 12th of May 2012 and commenced operations immediately thereafter. The company has grown steadily delivering modest but consistent results in successive years of business. It has been positioned for a rapid growth phase to take full advantages of both existing and emerging market opportunities.

Vitavisco is managed by a team of executives having over 50 years combined industry experience, with Vitafoam Nigeria plc providing further oversight functions. The company has created a number of products which at the moment borders on use of molded viscoelastic and high resilience range of polyurethane foam.

Viscoelastic foam, also called memory foam, is typified by its slow recovery after compression. When a weighted object is positioned on viscoelastic foam, the foam progressively conforms to the shape of the object, and after the weight is removed, the foam slowly reassumes its initial shape. By this behaviour, viscoelastic foam is also described as ‘slow recovery’ foam.

Memory foam reduces night time tossing and turning to provide a better night’s sleep. The innovative, hypo-allergenic material takes its cues from the body’s shape–adjusting and contouring to any form. The resulting customized fit distributes weight more evenly and relieves pressure points. It allows for better blood flow so the body makes fewer adjustments in search of a more comfortable position. And to top it off, the temperature-smart, open-cell foam adjusts to keep you warm. Thanks to its therapeutic features, it benefits the bed-confined and is frequently used in hospitals.

We partner with the World’s best chemical suppliers to provide local solutions for the Nigeria automobile market in line with the federal government policy for the industry. With technical support from the systems makers, we have developed competencies and established processes for the manufacture of automotive seats for 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, buses, cars and trucks.

The company is set to exploit varied polyurethane applications that are required in the automotive industry to help grow local capacity for  auto parts manufacturing. Such other parts include arm rests – integral skin application, dashboards, mirror housing and handle, gaskets, bumpers, bushings, PU leather and sound insulation in vehicles.

Our Vision

To be a leading producer of quality moulded foam products for domestic and industrial applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accomplish a turnover of N1billion through the use of cutting edge technology by September 30th, 2020.

Products and Services

Neck pillow is made from memory foam, designed to provide the adequate lumbar support for the neck.

Memory Foam Pillows are pillows made from viscoelastic foam, which conforms to the shape of the user’s neck and head. Memory foam pillows help alleviate pain and pressure points. They have the ability to conform and go back to shape in 60 seconds after use.

Back seat supports are made from memory foam, designed to reduce pressure that accumulates at the waist region which causes discomfort. They are specially structured to fit into the back from the waist level when sitting.

EPE Foam sheet is a flexible polyethylene foam that provides gentle cushioning support. This sheet is lightweight, non-breakable, flexible and resistant to mold, rot and bacteria. 

This foam can be molded, formed or cut to practically any shape. Also, this foam can be made to give extremely flexible or exceptionally firm padding for any given or choice of application. Its flexibility permits the foam to offer support.

They are expandable PE foam used for protective packaging of fruits and due to their high impact resistant; it helps protect bottle wine from breakage during haulage.

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