Brief History of the company

In response to call for private sector’s participation in the development of the manufacturing sector of the economy of Sierra Leone, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc took a bold decision to set-up a foam manufacturing plant in Sierra Leone where mattresses of varied resilience and hardness can be made available nationwide and to neighboring countries.

Vitafoam Sierra Leone Limited was incorporated in August 2008 with its registered office at No 11 Howe Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The commenced commercial trading in November 2010 with imported products from the parent company in Nigeria thereby introducing high quality products, widely accepted by all but less competitive due to very high cost of transporting light-weight foam products and lack of dedicated vessels to move products across West Africa. Shipped products from Nigeria usually sail through Europe before coming to Sierra Leone with a transit time of not less than five weeks.

In 2012, the Company embarked on Factory construction with funds from Vitafoam Nigeria Plc and International Finance Corporation (IFC). The investment was described as the first IFC’s post-conflict financing in manufacturing project in Sierra Leone since civil war ended in Sierra Leone a decade ago.

Vitafoam Sierra Leone Ltd commenced production operation in July 2014 with the introduction of mattresses of various grades and polyester fibre pillows from its state of the art factory at Old Waterloo Road, Hastings, Sierra Leone.

The goal is to redefine and set standard for foam business in Sierra Leone and neighbouring countries by producing and marketing the ideal foam products and educating the target market on health implications of using imported second-hand mattresses.

The company has established itself in Sierra Leone as a reliable, sleep solutions provider   with distributors and trading outlets in all the major cities across the country.

Vitafoam’s admission under the ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme (ETLS) allows the company to export its products duty free to neighbouring countries. Export to Guinea started in 2016.

Vitafoam is a responsible corporate citizen and it adopts best practices in all its operations.  The company’s policy is determined by a competent and dynamic Board, a mix of executive and non-executive directors who are experts in their own fields.

Our Vision

To be the foam manufacturer of first choice

Our Mission

To serve customers in the consumer and industrial market segments with leading edge products that offer value for money and meet their diverse needs in functionality, comfort and style.

We will be guided at all times by our unequivocal commitment to excellence and service reliability as the basis for current success and future growth.

Products and Services


  • Showroom, 4, Percival Street, Freetown.
  • Pademba Vitashop, 10, Pademba Road, Freetown.
  • Lumley Vitashop, No.1 Freetown Road Lumley.
  • Lowcost – step Vitashop, 58, Bai Bureh Road Low cost
  • Calaba Town Vitashop, 350 Bai Bureh Road, Calaba Town
  • Waterloo Vitashop, 11, Main Road, Lumpa. Waterloo
  • Brookfields Vitashop, Elisha House, King Harman Road, Freetown.
  • Wilberforce Vitashop, No.3 Main motor road Wilberforce
  • Hill-Station Vitashop, Main regent road Hillstation.
  • Kissy Road Vitashop , 98 Kissy Road
  • Lungi Vitashop, 987, Airport – Ferry Road, Lungi
  • Bo Vitashop, 14, Dambala Road, Bo
  • Makeni Vitashop, No 5, Azolini Highway, Makeni
  • Kenema Vitashop, 35, Hangha Road, Kenema
  • Kono Vitashop, 18, Kainkordu Road, Kono
  • Kambia Vitashop, Lamar Enterprises Kambia checkpoint, Kambia
  • Bamoi luma Vitashop, No 7. kambia Road, Bamoi Luma

Gare Routière Matam, Commune de Matam Conakry – République de Guinée
Contact: + 224 – 628428822 / 656858550 /

Hamdallaye – Pharmacie, Commune de Ratoma ; Conakry – République de Guinée
Contact: + 224 – 622332537 / 657391439

Labé Centre, Commune de Labé – République de Guinée
Contact: + 224 – 622215252 / 664212829

Contact Details

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